The Vanity Store UK is an online retailer of bedroom vanity. Our goal is to provide a greater selection of quality bedroom vanities and accessories to homeowners and contractors. We are always looking for new and unique products to add to our inventory. At The Vanity Store, you can be assured our prices are commensurate with the value and uniqueness of the product. Our constant goal as a company is to bring a fluid shopping experience with a catalogue filled with hand picked vanities. We want something for everyone, and are constantly finding the best vanities of exceptional value, style, and uniqueness. Whether a consumer, a designer or contractor, we have you in mind when we make our selections. 
We received several requests on our Instagram from people living in Pakistan to deliver it in their country. Therefore, we decided to make it happen for them! We have currently decided to make our deliveries to Lahore. If you want us to deliver in your city, feel free to write us and we will see what we can do.  We have super fast delivery services, as well as an excellent return policy. Customer service is of great importance to us, and with our friendly customer service representatives you will feel right at home communicating with us. The Vanity Store team is based in London, where our warehouse staff package and ship our Vanity Store exclusive vanities, and our support staff handle any and all Vanity Store related needs.

The Vanity Store Online uses SSL encryption technology on all of its webpages. The same technology online banks use for their websites. No matter what page you are browsing on you can be assured you can browse securely and your personal information is safe.

We are also keen to build on social media awareness, we love to interact with new and existing customers building and maintaining long lasting relationships. We value all feedback and mentions on our social media platforms, if you aren’t already following us please see the links below.

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